Cheryl Lynn Summach is a Certified Crystal Healer, Advanced Crystal Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Crystal Reiki Master and Stones Grid Practitioner through the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy. 


Cheryl Lynn facilitates crystal and sound healing group meditation events, sacred cacao ceremonies and crystal healing workshops.  Cheryl participates as a vendor at various holistic events offering mini healing sessions and vends her handmade by Cher Sum Love crystal healing creations in the Ontario region.  Cher offers one on one crystal and sound healing sessions at The Zen Zone in Belleville, ON. 


Cheryl is the creatress of Cher Sum Love Retreats and the producer and director of Summer Magic Retreat, Full Moon Magical Retreats and Share On The Shore Gatherings.  Cheryl Lynn has independently produced events since 2010 when she was enlightend with inspiration to follow her passions living on Vancouver Island.   


Cheryl has organized various events from fundraisers, workshops, music events to outdoor festivals and retreats.  Cher Sum Love events are passionately designed with full on "Cher Flair" the secret ingredient of this artist devoted to service and healing.  Cheryl Lynn seamlessly blends her deep love for electronic music by mixing her passions and fusing live music, ecstatic dance, hoop dance, yoga, meditation, crystal and sound healing into her unique events.

  • Full Moon Winter Retreat 2020

       Niagara Falls, ON.​

  • Summer Solstice - Drum Down The Sun 2019

       Trenton, ON.​

  • Summer Magic Retreat 2019

       Belleville, ON.

  • Full Moon Magical Retreats 2016, 2017, 2018

       Niagara Falls, ON. & Roslin, ON.

  • Share on the Shore Gatherings 2015, 2016, 2018

       Niagara Region, ON. & Belleville, ON.

  • Thrive Festival 2013

        South Coast, ON.

  • Thrive Events 2011, 2012  

        ​Vancouver Island, BC.

  • Music Events 2010  

        Vancouver Island, BC.

Cheryl has a background of training and education in Music, Dance, Visual Arts, E.C.E. and Floral Design. Her most recent studies include Advanced Crystal Practitioner with Ashley Leavy, Integral Sound Healing: Multi-Instrument Course with Tony Nec, Alchemical Chocolate™ Practitioner Training with Annu Tara, Crystal Therapy, Crystal Massage, Reflexology & Acupressure, Crystal Grids, Gem Waters, Crystal Essences & Elixirs, and Crystal Reiki with Ashley Leavy,  Flower Essence Alchemy with Joanne Ameya Cohen, Priestesses of the Moon with Achintya Devi and Ameya,  Vibe-Style Energy Healing with Ciara Rubin,  Elemental Hoopdance Teacher Training with Shakti Sunfire.   

Cher Sum Love is the visionary of Share on the Shore. A family friendly gathering by the shore that connects like-minded people in the community and helps spread spiritual awareness.  After her move to Belleville, Cher continues to build community and organized a Summer Solstice - Drum Down The Sun event that takes place in the Bay of Quinte region annually.  Cher Sum Love held the first Full Moon Magical Retreat at Heartland Forest Nature Centre in Niagara Falls in January, 2016.  It was a successful sold out event in 2016 and again in 2017 which catapulted her with endless inspiration to thrive and pursue her passions.  

Cheryl Lynn Summach CCH, ACP, CCT, CRM, SGP

Cher Sum Love